You do. The 1790 Challenge is designed to take place in neighborhoods, at USCG units, and community parks.  You find some friends and shipmates and agree to a time and place.  Bring some weight (more on that below), and struggle well together for just over a mile.

 It absolutely is.  The 100lb (male) and 70lb (female) weights are MAXIMUM weights recommended for this workout. You pick a weight that is right for you - something that is heavy enough that you feel yourself struggle, light enough so that you can complete the 1790 yards SAFELY.

Absolutely. We designed the challenge with sandbags in mind, but any weight (rucks, bags, kettlebells, vests, kids...or any combination thereof) is acceptable and effective.  The idea is to cover that distance while carrying a load...together.  If you are in the market for the best gear that is out there, check out our partner in this event, GORUCK here.

Not at all.  One of our primary goals is to inspire conversations about mental health in the Coast Guard.  Unlike other workouts, carrying a sandbag (or other weight) allows participants to talk while completing the workout.  The challenge is intentionally designed to create a space for conversation. 

We don't keep track.  If you want to track your own time and strive for improvement from year to year, that's awesome.  (Also, thanks for coming back next year.) But our focus is on covering the distance and then returning to help others do the same.  The goal is to finish...together.

There's a lot to that question.  First, we believe that physical struggle helps us prepare for and endure mental and spiritual struggles as well.  The effort is also symbolic, encouraging participants to consider the unaddressed burdens that they may have been carrying their whole lives.  Additionally, the events are designed to be completed in GROUPS, creating shared experiences and inspiring conversations between friends and shipmates. Finally, the events raises funds through shirt sales (get yours here) and by asking participants to donate to this year's sponsored charity.

No, we just believe in their mission and method - equipping veterans for post-traumatic growth.  Check out more about them here.

While we are focused on supporting members of the USCG community, we are not affiliated with the USCG, DHS, or any armed service.  The Challenge itself is not an event or organization unto itself, and isn't liable for anyone who may be injured or otherwise aggrieved by participating in a local event. 

With its focus on Coast Guard mental health, the event draws on the service's birthday, August 4th, 1790.