We promote physical and mental health through teamwork and fitness. 

Our workout is designed to demonstrate the resilience, hope, and support present within our community through temporary physical adversity, while inspiring conversations about mental health, and raising funds to equip and empower U.S. Coast Guard veterans to move through adversity toward post traumatic growth.

The Workout

A 1790 yard (1.02 mile) Sandbag Carry

Max weights: 100lbs (Men) / 70lbs (Women)

Complete the challenge by carrying your own weight the full distance, and then return to encourage or assist others in carrying theirs. 

(Sandbag weights listed are “max weights” - but the specific weight for each individual should always be scaled to their own fitness level, providing a substantial, but safe physical and mental challenge.)

We encourage you to complete the challenge with a group at any point during the month of August. 

How to Participate

1 - Coordinate with friends and shipmates to complete the workout together at any time during August

2 - Donate to this year's benefiting charity, the Big Fish Foundation

3 - Purchase a commemorative shirt or hat from Through the Storm (each shirt purchased donates $20 to this year's charity)

Our Partners

The Big Fish Foundation

The Big Fish Foundation empowers veterans to thrive after military service by creating opportunities for them to attend events that bridge their military experiences into their future.

Through uniquely designed programs integrating outdoor immersion and physical challenges, they enable veterans to take back charge of their own narratives.

2024 Commemorative Shirts

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The 1790 Challenge is not affiliated with the United States Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, or any government entity.  The 1790 Challenge exists to promote physical and mental health through teamwork and fitness. Neither it nor its members redeem any financial gain from its efforts, and partners promote the event based solely on their own generosity.